Renara Hawke

Voice Actor, Singer, Writer, Producer and Project Manager!
Business Enquiries:

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My Ethos:

The world needs stories.

The world needs people to believe in, to see themselves in. Heros, Villains and all the shades of grey between.

People need Stories.
Stories that inspire, clarify, show empathy, change your perspective and perhaps even empower one’s sense of self.

I intend to make that happen through my work. Be it a character I voice or a production I make, that is my goal.

I want to bring stories to life!

Ones that inspire the next generation to dream, take action and continue to inspire the next generation and the next!

Everyone has the capability to make something great, they just need that spark, that idea, that moment, and of course a little bit of help.

If I can supply that moment through my work.
I will have done my job.

Compassion. Belief. Resilience.