"The fire within, will always drown out the flames around us."

The Bloodied Apostate

Indie/Single Projects

£0.70 per word of Raw Audio

£1.20 per word of Edited Audio: (May include: SFX, Music or Foley)

Rates are subject to change upon discussion of project details but will follow closely to the quotes listed above. 
Indie rates are negotioable.

Directing/Producing Services:

Directing: For Demos, Individual Projects or Long-haul Projects.
     + Live directed sessions – Online = £28 per hour
     + On Camera Productions – £169 Min per day*
       – (Subject to increase when travel cost are calculated.)

     + Project Management = £375 per month (Subject to discussion)
     + Foley Production + SFX: Dependent on level of editing requied.
       = Simple clip – £0.50 per clip
= Edited Foley – £1.00 Per clip
= Heavily Edited Foley – £2.50 per clip/take.

Talent Sourcing = Available for discussion.

Corporate Projects

Rates are subject to change, but will closely follow GFTB UK industry standard rates:

ADR: £250 – £300 per session

Animation:  £400/+ per episode*.

Audiobook: £650 per finished hour.

Audio Descriptions: UK Industry Standard*

     + Radio, TV, Internet, Cinema = UK Industry Standard*

£150 Minimum, £0.30 extra per word above 600 words*.

     + In Studio – £300-£450 per hour worked*. 
– (Subject to increase when travel cost are calculated.)
     + Home Studio – £150-£200 Per Chapter*.

Radio Dramas:
+ Full Day – 8+ hours = £355 Minimum 
+ Part Day – 2 – 5 hours = %66 of full day fee.
 – Additional Rehearsals/Performance days = £105 Minimum
 – (Subject to increase when travel costs are calculated)

Video Games: GFTB UK industry standard rates*.

Other services are available for discussion within the UK industry standard.
*Usage Fee/Usage Buyout price to be discussed.