"The fire within, will always drown out the flames around us."

The Bloodied Apostate

Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr

Media Type: Video Game
Role(s): To be allocated
Line count: TBC
Time Commited: 3+ Years
Status: Pre-Producion
Yet to Start – Onboarded 2021

“Wander south into the lands of the Khajiit: Anequina & Pellitine. The balance of power shifts under the ja-Kha’jay — insidious conspiracies take hold, and the Riddle’thar is forgotten. Undertake a deeply personal, perhaps even spiritual, journey into the deep-south of Tamriel.”

Through my work with Creation mod con I was able to get in contact with several members of the Beyond Skyrim team for mean different departments. This was when I heard that BS: Elsweyr was looking for Voice actors. I applyed and have since been accepeted onto the team as a VA.

As of June 2024 roles are slowly being distributed to the team and soon there will be more to come for this page!