"The fire within, will always drown out the flames around us."

The Bloodied Apostate

Fallout: London

Media Type: Video Game
Role(s): NDA
Line count: NDA
Time Commited: NDA
Status: NDA

“Fallout: London is an ambitious, trail-blazing DLC-sized mod for Fallout 4, Bethesda Game Studios’ 2015 post-apocalyptic RPG. Fallout: London stands apart from its contemporaries and offers an entirely new experience: setting a Fallout game outside of the United States. True to its moniker, Fallout: London takes place IN London. From stuffy parliamentary aristocrats to a resurrection of the Knights of the Round Table to an uncompromising cult of revolutionaries (and more!), Fallout: London embodies the history and aesthetics of London and puts an unmistakably nuclear spin on the beloved city.”
– Team FOLON

Trust me when I say I am beyond excited to tell you all the details for my involvement in Fallout: London. This project has been one of the most impactful projects I’ve worked on to date. But alas I am currently under NDA until the games release.
So, in the meantime.
Mind the gap!

For all the latest updates and news of Fallout: London, Check out their website and Youtube channel linked below: