"The fire within, will always drown out the flames around us."

The Bloodied Apostate

Magic the Gathering: Kaldeim

Media Type: Podcast/ Audio drama
Role(s): Orhalf Stonebeck
Line count: 14
Time Commited: 1 week
Status: Complete – (Feb 2021)

“Leave Snakehunter to me. Return to the ship once you’ve said your farewells. I will give you what you ask for.” -Orhalf

During the beginnings of my career, I auditioned for a role in the Gen Doukeshi’s independent production of the Stories of Kaldhiem, a Magic the Gathering lore expansion centred around the Norse people and Nordic themes. I was cast as Orhaft Stoneback a minor character appearing in one episode of the 10 episodes series titled:
Kaldheim Extra 1: Know Which Way the Wind is Blowing.

Who is Orhaft Stoneback?

Orhaft is a Vedrune, an Omenseeker rune-priest. They leads this band of Omenseekers on their journey, here to bargain with the Kannah and provide guidance. Wise and wary, they are described as brown-skinned and solidly built, but elegant, with a cleanly shaved head and blue runic tattoos. They earned their moniker “Stoneback” by not noticing a sword in their back for several hours in battle.