"The fire within, will always drown out the flames around us."

The Bloodied Apostate

Odyssey of the Dragonborn

Media Type: Video Game
Role(s): Torasa Aram
Line count: TBC
Time Commited: 2+ Years
Status: On Pause

Yet to start – Onboarded March 2023

Continuing my affinity for Elder Scrolls and its IP, I was given the opportunity to voice our wizen eccentric curios curator Torasa Arem. Coming from the same team that produced Legacy of the Dragonborn, Odyssey of the Dragonborn development has taken a hiatus as the team focuses on an update for Legacy’s 10th anniversary and is expected to resume shortly.

Who is Torasa?

As the former Dark Elf curator of the Mournhold museum in Morrowind; she is around 400 years old. During the sacking of Mournhold, she attempted to protect most of the relics in her care and smuggle them out of the province but was largely unsuccessful, having to use them to barter safe passage in a number of instances. She has great regrets about the loss of her homeland but knows that it was not within her power to protect. Torasa also is one of the very few remaining practitioners of pure Mysticism which was subverted by the mages guild and many elements of the school were absorbed into other schools such as illusion and alteration.

Torasa Sample – (To be recorded)

Odyssy of the Dragonborn – Trailer