"The fire within, will always drown out the flames around us."

The Bloodied Apostate

The Assassin’s Blade

Media Type: Audiodrama
Role(s): Celaena Sardothien, Narrator.
Producer Director, and all-round one-woman army.
Word Count: 118k+ Words (Not including retakes)
Time Commited: 4 years (Self Production – Unoffical)
Status: In Production

“My name is Celaena Sardothien,” she whispered, “and I will not be afraid.”

The Throne of Glass series is the reason I am here today.
I began reading this book series when I was in my early teens. I struggled with my reading immensely and could not even string a sentence together out loud before encountering Sarah J Maas’s books. The Throne of Glass series was the first full series of book I was ever able to finish, and has helped me conquer this massive hurdle in my life. Her characters, the journey they go, the story she has woven of abuse, trauma, love, hate, loss, healing and victory over the darkness has walked with me on my path for over a literally decade of my life.
I owe Sarah J. Maas a lot, and so, out of love, I started to produce a fan based audiodrama.

The Assassins Blade is a collection of Novellas that exist as a prequal to the Throne of Glass series and it is with this set of stories that I began my journey in self-produced Audio drama’s over on my YouTube Channel.
During the pandemic of 2020, while I was still working as an essential worker, I began narrating and voicing all of the characters within the first Novella: The Assassin and the Pirate Lord, over time, as we have expanded into the other stories, I have widened the roster to include a multitude of actors, all willing to lend there voice to these amazing character for free.
It has been a time capsule for me to look back on as my skills in Voice acting and Production have improved over the years, and has been a constant companion though the since then.

The Assassin and the priate Lord

(Oct 2019 to Jun 2020)

Celaena Sardothien has been sent by the Assassin’s Guild to a remote island in a tropical sea in order to collect on a debt owed by the Lord of the Pirates. But when Celaena learns that the agreed payment is not in money, but in slaves, her mission suddenly changes-and she will risk everything to right the wrong she’s been sent to bring about.

The Assassin and the Healer

(Nov 2020 to Jan 2021)

Meet the Assassin: beautiful, defiant, destined for greatness. Celaena Sardothien has challenged her master. Now she must pay the price. Her journey to the Red Desert will be an arduous one, but it may change the fate of her cursed world forever…

The Assassin and the Desert

(April 2021 to Present)

The Silent Assassins of the Red Desert aren’t much for conversation, and Celeana Sardothien wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s not there to chatter, she’s there to learn their ways. Quiet suits her just fine-until she begins to suspect there’s a traitor in the fortress, and she must determine which of the mute and mysterious assassins is her deadly adversary.

The Assassin and the Underworld

When the King of the Assassins gives Celaena Sardothien a special assignment that will help fight slavery in the kingdom, she jumps at the chance to strike a blow against an evil practice. The misson is a dark and deadly affair that takes Celaena from the rooftops of the city to the bottom of the sewer-and she doesn’t like what she finds there.

(To be started)

The Assassin and the Empire.

Celaena Sardothien is the assassin with everything: a place to call her own, the love of handsome Sam, and, best of all, freedom. But Celaena won’t be truly free until she is far away from her old master, Arobynn Hamel-so she and Sam decide to take a last daring assignment that will liberate them forever. And that’s how Celaena learns that having everything means that everything can be taken away.

(To be started)