"The fire within, will always drown out the flames around us."

The Bloodied Apostate

The Lord of Crows

Media Type: Audiobook
Role(s): Narrator, Sif, Additional Voices
Word Count: 200k+ Words (Not including retakes)
Time Commited: 2 years (Onboarded June 2024)
Status: In Production

I have being given the immense pleasure of voicing the titular character Sif as well as narrating 50 chapters of the Lord of Crows, as part of a full remastered release on Amazon and Audible.
Below is a snippet of what to expect for the audio book:

Lord of Crows – Audiobook Sample – (2024)

(All audio is RAW, before Mixing and Mastering)

Story: “Being a thief requires more than just skill, and Sif’s had failed her miserably. After an ill-fated theft in a Fae ruin, she found herself cursed and on limited time. Were it not for the kindness of a relative stranger, Regis, she would have starved into undeath in the Red Basin.

And then he died.

Now, all she has left of his sacrifice is his bow, a rare vanawood relic taken all the way to the Kingdom of Vaspal. Sif journeys there in search of closure, and instead finds herself at the mercy of slavers. Though this misfortune isn’t quite her fault.”

J. Anne Riten